Sunday, February 17, 2008


I'm finalizing my seed order for the vegetables and herbs today, but until I actually click the order button, I'm not going to record my choices for posterity. It's been really hard narrowing down the tomato varieties. I want to order at least 20 kinds, but of course that would be a very, very bad idea.

Until I get the seeds all sorted, I'm thinking about my houseplants. I never had any luck with houseplants - they'd usually die within a week or two. But last year I bought a pothos, which we named Montgomery (for some reason), and it's done so well I've branched out into other indoor plants.


I do have to be careful, because we have two cats; they've never shown any interest in eating the plants, but better safe than sorry. I got a clearance plant arrangement at Lowe's the other week, and someone pointed out that one of the plants, a dieffenbachia, was toxic to cats - so up on a high shelf it went. Fortunately, neither one of them climbs shelves. Yet? I think the other plant in the dish is one we saw growing in large form in Hawaii, but I can't find a name for it.

Desk plants

I really enjoy having plants in the house, particularly in the winter. They really make a difference in how the room feels, and I can see how easy it would be to start collecting them. If I manage to keep all these guys alive long enough, I might do just that. I'd really love to have a large tree or palm of some sort in the corner of a room, but I think that might be too tempting for the cats. Might be best to just stick to hanging baskets for a little while.


One of the fun things about houseplants is how many of them we actually saw in their larger forms growing rampant on Maui. Like this bromeliad, which presently occupies the back of the toilet, and which looks quite similar to a lobster claw plant we saw all over the place at about fifteen times this size:


And here's what I think is the same unidentified plant from the Lowe's clearance section, only... big. Very, very big.

Houseplant gone Hawaiian

I think my next houseplant acquisition will be a succulent of some sort; hopefully something small and nontoxic that can occupy a space on my already too-small desk, so I can look at it and think about being outside even when it's cold and snowy.

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