Thursday, April 3, 2008

Absences and tomatoes

I haven't made the time to write a blog entry lately; I should remedy that, if I'm going to stick to this. Nothing particularly exciting has actually happened yet, though. Right now everything is in anticipation of building the square foot bed (tomorrow, if it doesn't rain too much) and moving some plants outside.

I have started my tomato seeds, all five varieties, though I've no idea where I'll put them all. The pepper seedlings have come up, too, and the cats are chewing the onions to death. I haven't been able to keep them out of the office (where the seedlings are) with any great success, yet. I did buy some cat grass of some sort or another today while we were out getting vermiculite for the garden beds, so hopefully they'll chew on that soon instead.

The birds are back, though. They're flocking to the little suet feeder I have, and I think I'd like to put a bird bath out front as well as perhaps a few more feeders scattered around in back. I don't want to end up attracting them to the vegetable garden and have them eat all my tomatoes, though. Tomatoes are all for me. Still, it's nice to hear them singing again, and the cats are fascinated. I saw a birdbath I liked at TSC today for about $40... maybe a birthday gift, I hope. Though I've also asked for pruning shears and nice gardening gloves. Hmm.